Dyslexia Laws in the USA: An Update

In the most recent issue of Perspectives on Language and Literacy, Youman and Mather report that “As of December 2015, 28 states had statewide dyslexia laws, 6 states had initiatives or resolutions related to dyslexia, and 14 states had handbooks or resource guides to inform parents and educators about proper […]

Legislative Update

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TeamQuest Launches Internationally

TeamQuest, the endurance training and fundraising program of the International Dyslexia Association, kicks off its partnership with the Rock’n’Roll Marathon Series as a Charity Partner with the Rock’n’Roll Liverpool Marathon & 1/2 Marathon on May 29, 2016. Together with the Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon & 1/2 Marathon […]

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IDA Branches Host Dyslexia Awareness Month Events

It’s Dyslexia Awareness Month! The IDA Home Office and IDA Branches are busy throughout the year raising awareness, but in October IDA is busier than ever. All across the United States IDA Branches are holding special events ranging from webinars to panel discussions to promote dyslexia awareness.  Check back with […]

Dyslexia Awareness Month Kicks Off with Will Marsh

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month! The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) home office and branches across the country and in Canada provide an array of conferences, workshops, webinars, and information sessions to inform and engage parents, families, educators and the general public. Each year IDA selects a youth with dyslexia who is […]


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Message from the Chief Executive Officer: IDA’s DESTINY

IDA leadership has expressed a sense of urgency to accelerate our activities and strengthen our resolve to have an impact on the world around us. We can do this by ensuring a richer, more robust future for every individual who struggles with dyslexia and other related reading differences and by ensuring access to the tools and resources these individuals need, when they need them.

Raising International Awareness for Dyslexia: Mehrnaz’s Journey

Mehrnaz Cecil grew up in a country where there was no awareness of dyslexia. She faced many difficulties at school including being labeled “stupid.” “No child deserves to experience this, which is why I decided to hike 1866 km from Switzerland to Spain to raise international awareness and funds to help […]

Each Step for Dyslexia

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How School Without Borders Saved 10,000 Lives

Can a small group of well-prepared teachers change the lives of 10,000 students? Yes! Through a core group of 76, teacher-trainers from Dallas-based Shelton School brought Structured Literacy (SL) to the classrooms of more than 2,800 elementary school teachers in Mississippi and Alabama. Together this small group of superheroes improved […]

#Dyslexia1Billion Times Square New York City

A billion people have dyslexia. How many prepared teachers are available to meet this challenge? To help start the conversation, the IDA went to the crossroads of the world and partnered with generous sign operators in Times Square. #Dyslexia1Billion: Times Square from International Dyslexia Assoc. on Vimeo. The ability to […]

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Did you know there are approximately 10 million moms in America who have school-age children with dyslexia and about as many total American moms with dyslexia themselves?[1] While it’s true there is a hereditary link, research by Dr. Fumiko Hoeft and Dr. Alberta Galaburda shows genetics (and gene discovery) is just the beginning, […]

How to Change America with Just One Click

  Reminder to support Rep Bill Cassidy’s efforts this week! Tell the Senate to support Senator Cassidy’s amendment on Title II Part A. This amendment will let schools spend federal funds on professional development for learning disabilities and dyslexia. The amendment allows states and school districts to invest federal funds in […]

Dyslexia Law


The One Common Classroom Mistake Hiding in Plain Sight

By John Mayo-Smith Recent surveys show more than ninety percent of U.S. classrooms utilize some form of computer technology but there’s one non-digital K-3 teaching aid that remains ubiquitous: the alphabet picture chart. Alphabet picture charts (and cards) are very important because they help teach the sounds of the alphabet […]

ADHD: What to Know

Geoff B. Sorge and Brendan F. Andrade wrote a new article Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Disruptive Behavior in children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. It is known that children with ADHD have difficulties with hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. This can lead to disruptive behaviors. Learn about the latest research and an approach […]


Three Things Check

3 Things to Know About Common Core

Ever wondered how a diagnosis of dyslexia is treated within Common Core State Standards (CCSS)? The Application to Students with Disabilities highlights key issues related to students with disabilities and provides important guidance to both parents and school staff assisting students with dyslexia.   Common Core makes these three key points: […]

Help Change the Laws

Looking for a direct way to change public policy and help our children with dyslexia? If you’re in Maryland, join up with the IDA, Summit School and Decoding Dyslexia and together we will help educate Maryland legislators about dyslexia. Families, educators and friends affected by dyslexia are invited to participate. […]