Message From the Executive Director

Share This: During a recent trip to my home in New Mexico, I sat with my mother one evening on the back porch reminiscing about her career in special education and listening to songs from Camelot, the magnificent Lerner and Loewe 1960’s Broadway musical. So I began to think about what IDA’s Camelot will be… […]

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Latest on Dyslexia Assessment Testing for Teaching

Share This: By Susan C. Lowell, Rebecca H. Felton and Pamela E. Hook When a child is struggling to learn to read, the question parents ask first is “Why?” This question is quickly followed by “What should I do? IDA’s recent publication is an indispensable resource for parents in answering questions and providing practical advice […]

Art Contest Finalists

Share This: by Mary Murray Stowe, M.Ed. In 2013, the IDA Alabama Branch (ALIDA) held its first art contest for students and adults with dyslexia. Individuals were asked to describe in words and art what dyslexia means to them. Through this contest, ALIDA wishes to honor the gifts of individuals with dyslexia. As a branch, […]

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IDA Conference Crowd

Conference Recap: 65 and Going Strong!

Share This:   Sunny skies, shimmering palms and warm breezes provided an idyllic back drop for one of the most successful conferences in IDA history. “Best conference ever,” reported an Ohio third grade teacher who made the trip at her own expense. The Hilton was sold out in days, extra blocks of rooms had to […]

ADHD and Dyslexia

Share This: ADHD and Dyslexia: Understanding the similarities, separating the diagnoses About 30% of those with dyslexia also have coexisting ADHD. Though the two diagnoses are different, they share many characteristics including: Difficulty paying attention Avoiding reading Dysfluent reading Deriving little pleasure from reading Handwriting struggles Problems with spelling, grammar, proofreading, and organization While similar […]


Speech Bubbles

Dyslexia Elevator Pitch

Share This: Salespeople know that there is an art to getting their pitch down to succinct speech concise enough to share on an elevator ride with a stranger. People with dyslexia should be armed with the same ability to explain their Learning Difference quickly and concisely so that friends, family, coworkers and teachers can get […]

Ice Skating Superstar Speaks Out about Dyslexia

Share This: Piper Gilles, the 2014 Four Continents, Skate Canada and Trophee Eric Bompard ice dance silver medalist and three-time Canadian national medalist, assumed the role of the IDA Ontario Branch spokesperson. Gilles, who coped with dyslexia throughout her elementary and high school years, has not only surpassed the barriers of the language-based reading difficulty and pursued […]

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3 Things to Know About “Dyslexic Fonts”

Share This: What if people with dyslexia could read more easily by switching to a special font? That’s the promise behind several typeface designs created in recent years. Here are three things to know about all fonts: 1) While font design can impact reading effectiveness, reading time and perceptions of legibility, this holds true for all readers including those who […]

The Myth of the Quick Fix

Share This: Googling the phrase “Cure for Dyslexia” yields more than 16,000 results. As to be expected, many of these results consist of empty promises and quick fixes — companies trying to make a quick buck. While, dyslexia hucksterism is nothing new (IDA standard bearer, Priscilla Vail wrote extensively about the problem in the 1980’s), the web allows profiteers to […]



Illinois Passes Dyslexia Law

Share This: The Illinois legislature has enacted H.B. 3700 which amends the Education code to provide for kindergarten screening of students for dyslexia, comprehensive assessments and appropriate intervention. The legislation uses the IDA definition of dyslexia and specifies Structured Literacy reading instruction as the appropriate remediation for students with a dyslexia diagnosis. The bill was […]