UPDATE: Ohio Dyslexia Legislation

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Charlotte G. Andrist, Ph.D., NCSP, President, Central Ohio Branch of the International Dyslexia Association

GIrl TestifingHouse Bills (HB) 96 and 157 were unanimously passed by the Ohio Senate with a subsequent unanimous concurrence vote in the Ohio House during a late-night, end-of-the-year Statehouse session on December 14; both bills were signed into law by Governor Kasich on December 21, 2011.

HB 96 (Celeste – D & Brenner – R)  

The law will:  1) place the IDA definition of dyslexia directly into Ohio the Ohio Revised Code. Although the term “dyslexia” is currently listed as a specific learning disability within the 2008 Ohio Special Education Operating Standards, Ohio law does not contain a definition of dyslexia; and 2) begin a 3-year pilot program for the early identification and remediation of students at-risk for dyslexia and other phonologically based reading disorders.

Court RoomHB 157 (Schuring – R & Letson – D)

The law will:  1) define a dyslexia specialist as someone who has achieved training consistent with the Level II IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards; and 2) give Educational Service Centers (Ohio’s statewide network of inservice training facilities) and other educational institutions permissive authority to hire a dyslexia specialist to provide professional development in dyslexia for Ohio teachers grades K – 4.

Many thanks to all of you who have worked so diligently to make this dyslexia legislation a reality.  Your dedication and perseverance made all of the difference.

  • State Representatives Celeste, Brenner, Schuring, Letson and their staff members;
  • Education Chairs Rep. Stebelton and Senator Lehner and all of their committee members;
  • Chancellor Jim Petro, Ohio Board of Regents;
  • President Deborah Tehar and members of the State of Ohio School Board;
  • The staff and parents of our special schools for dyslexics: Marburn Academy, Kairos Academy, Lawrence School and Springer School;
  • Parents and staff from our 11 Masonic Children’s Dyslexia Centers in Ohio;
  • Supporting organizations such as OCECD, CHADD, UA-KIDS and others;
  • Tutors, teachers and many other service providers that work with our dyslexic students;
  • Dyslexics, their parents and other family members;
  • Thank you also to the Executive Committee of the Ohio Dyslexia Group for organizing the grass-roots effort that made the passage of this legislation possible including: Charlotte Andrist, Martha Chiodi, Anita Gardner, Stephanie Gordan, Pam Kanfer, Gayle Long, Janis Mitchell, Susan Nolan and Rebecca Tolson;
  • A special thank-you goes to Janis Mitchell (HB 96) and Rebecca Tolson (HB 157) for not only helping to organize the grass-roots efforts of this legislation but also for the lobbying efforts that began these two legislative initiatives.

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HB96 Being Signed

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